Studios shrunk to the size of shoeboxes. An album produced entirely in bed. Distribution channels automatized. Promotion socialized. A high-profile record deal doesn’t cut it anymore, might have become redundant already. Today, a record label is an entity that pays an advance - as a best-case scenario. For the less lucky among us, it’s a mythical animal, devouring money while making claims no one understands. Its necessity, however, seems as certain as the existence of God.

NYX is the secularization of label work. No God-given laws and rules. We stand for a new transparency, direct interaction with the artist and a comprehensible business model. A bond by trust, rather than contract. No paid releases, but projects we believe in. Not the “complete package”, but only what's actually needed.

We offer A+R, production, mastering, distribution, promotion, artwork, art consulting or hand-filtered coffee. Almost everything or almost nothing. But we deliver what you need.



Krischan Wesenberg

Producer, composer and engineer.
15 years on the road between the club, fine arts and advertising. I produced 12 club hits in one year. My name is Krischan Wesenberg. I am DJ.

Andreas Schmitz

Composer and author. Music conservatory of Arnheim. 20 years of electronic music. 5 years on the major market. My name is Andreas Schmitz. I play drums and piano.

Hilger Tintel

Author, producer and sound designer.
5 years major market. Expert for advertising and media, 7 years of experience in agencies. My name is Hilger Tintel. I play guitar and bass.


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